Zebra with leaves and flower

Zebras in the House!

Looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary for indoor plant enjoyment? Aphelandra squarrosa, commonly known as Zebra Plant, is an interesting houseplant with white striped leaves. And if its showy leaves aren’t enough, a clear yellow plume (bract) with showy yellow flowers rises out of the center of this native Brazilian plant providing weeks of enjoyment.

Zebras are happiest in bright light areas that receive several hours of direct morning light each day.

A few rules about watering

  • Never overwater or allow this plant to ‘sit’ in water.
  • Do a simple check – stick your finger in the soil an inch or two below the surface.
  • Water when the soil feels slightly dry, but never bone dry, to the touch.
  • Under or overwatering can cause Zebras to drop their leaves.
  • For best results – provide temperatures of 65-70 degrees F and ample humidity.