Heritage Outdoor Décor & Statuary

Here at Heritage Farm & Garden, we pride ourself on having an extensive selection of outdoor décor, including statuary, fountains, pottery, and more!


Looking to add  greenery to an area where a ground garden is not feasible? Try a planter! This could be your pool patio, deck, or front entrance way. Apartment dweller? No problem! If you have a balcony, add a planter sized appropriately for the space. Talk about instant yard makeover! We carry an extensive selection of pottery- including glazed and unglazed ceramic, concrete, metal, resin, and more!


Bird Feeders, Seed and Treats, oh my! With included cleaning brushes and easy-lock mechanisms, our bird feeders are designed for ease. Are pesky squirrels eating all of your food? We carry feeders that are designed to safely deter the squirrels and other unwanted pests from eating your birdseed. We also carry a variety of unique birdhouses- perfect for wild birds seeking shelter.

bird bath
Bird food
bird houses

Fountains & Statuary

Enhancing your outdoor space with sculptures and water features can add personality, create focal points, and reflect your unique style in your yard, garden, patio, or deck! The gentle trickle of a fountain adds soothing ambiance, creating a serene atmosphere ideal for relaxation and contemplation. Statues, on the other hand, provide visual interests no matter your individual style! Shop our extensive selection in store.

Rochefort Fountain
Butterfly puddling
Concrete Flower
Concrete Flower