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Pleasing Peperomia!

Looking for an easy to grow and easy to enjoy houseplant? Peperomias, native to tropical forests and jungles in South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, fit the bill with numerous varieties that offer interesting and beautiful leaves. It’s all about the leaves, not the flowers, when you grow peperomias. Rippled leaves, thick, fleshy leaves, or variegated leaves – there’s sure to be one or two that are worthy additions to your home.


Peperomias grow best in bright, indirect, or filtered indoor light. Water thoroughly, and then allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Avoid overwatering and never let the plant ‘sit’ in water. Empty any excess water from the pot or saucer.



Peperomias work well in dish gardens, terrariums, planters, or as a table/accent plant.


Helpful tips:


1. Peperomias can be cold sensitive so avoid drafty doors and windows in winter.

2. Fertilize with a general houseplant fertilizer spring through fall. Allow it to ‘rest’ during the winter months.

3. Give your plant a summer vacation outdoors from late May until Labor Day, just avoid full sun locations.

4. Peperomias rarely need repotting – they don’t mind being a bit pot-bound. If you do repot, select a pot (with a drainage hole) that is two inches larger in diameter. Use well-drained potting soil.

Words to the wise:

Peperomias are reported to be pet friendly, but it’s always best to keep them away from pets!