scaveola & wave petunias Moramarco

The Wait is Over!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for gardeners! The safe planting date of May 15th has finally arrived. That’s your cue to plant, plant, plant the veggie and herb garden, or annual planters, window boxes, and more!

Warm season veggies and herbs – tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, summer squashes, basil, parsley – are ready for planting in your garden. To ensure a bountiful harvest, follow these simple tips. Full sun – at least 8 hours a day – is best. Garden soil should be well-drained; avoid soil that is often wet and slow-to-drain. Remember – heavy soils will always benefit from the addition of organic matter such as compost or composted manure.

Nothing’s better than long-awaited color from warm season annuals. The sky’s the limit when temperatures climb. Everyone’s favorites – Scaevola, Angelonia, Petunias, Caladiums, Dahlias, and more – make perfect additions to planters, garden beds, window boxes, and hanging baskets. And the choices are truly endless thanks to the brilliant work of plant breeders. Impossible to decide what to buy? The simple answer, just buy more planters and fill them with all your favorites.

Create your own slice of paradise with amazing tropicals! Mandevilla, Elephant Ears, Hibiscus, Croton, palms – endless possibilities to add to sunny or shady patios, decks, or pool areas. Short on space or looking to add vertical interest? Mandevilla love to twirl their way through obelisks, trellises, fences. Elephant Ears can make a commanding statement with their large leaves. Hibiscus – either bush or standard (tree-like) forms – amaze with their colorful flowers that scream aloha! Whether planted directly into the garden or added to containers or planters – they delight with tropical vibes can be enjoyed from May through fall frost!