Ranunculus 2

R is for Ranunculus!


No one ever calls this beautiful flower by its common name – Persian Buttercup. We’d rather be formal and get tongue twisted when we say Ranunculus. When you break it down, it’s easy to say: rah-nun-kew-lus!

Ranunculus, adored for their full, showy flowers in a wide array of bright colors, are cool season bloomers for outdoor spring planters and window boxes. They will bloom now through early summer. Once temperatures heat up, Ranunculus fade and make room for warm season annuals to fill their spaces. No space for outdoor planting? They easily transition for indoor display in cooler rooms with adequate light.

Culture and care: Plant in bright sunny locations in the garden or planters.  Keep soil barely moist for best results. Flowers can be cut for indoor enjoyment, as well.

Although generally treated as an annual, Ranunculus can be considered a perennial if you dig up the tubers in late summer.  Tubers should be stored in a 50-55 degree location until you are ready to start them once again in mid-winter.