Angelonia – An A+ Annual for Long Island Gardens

Angelonia, sometimes called summer snapdragon, wows with pretty spikes of purple, pink, mauve, blue, white, or two-toned flowers from May through October. A low maintenance annual, no deadheading needed to keep Angelonia in ‘bloom mode.’ This means less work in the garden, more enjoyment for you!

Need another reason to grow Angelonia? It’s tolerant of typical Long Island summer heat and humidity! That explains its common name of ‘summer snapdragon.’ The flowers resemble a snapdragon, but unlike snapdragons, Angelonia is a sunworshipper and likes the heat of summer.

How to grow:

• In full sun. Shady areas will create leggy plants with little, if any, flowering.
• Keep potting or garden soil barely moist.
• Avoid planting areas that are often wet or dry.
• Fertilize with Blossom Booster according to package directions.


How to use:

• Pots and planters.
• Landscape beds in combination with other annuals and perennials.
• Border edging along walkways, driveways.
• Window boxes.
• Cut flowers in informal summer or fall bouquets or arrangements.

Did you know?

• Angelonia is reported to be deer resistant.
• Its flowers are magnets for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.
• It’s native to Mexico and the West Indies.