African Daisy for Fabulous Spring Color

African daisy, aka Osteospermum, is a popular spring blooming annual. Prized for its beautiful and colorful flowers, African daisy is a natural for sunny pots, planters, window boxes, and beds and borders. Kick-up your planters a notch – mix-in a few other spring blooming favorites like pansies, hyacinths, daffodils, and Nemesia for more interest, colors, and textures.


An easy to care for, low maintenance annual, African daisy prefers a well-draining soil that is kept barely moist several inches below the surface (never allow it to ‘sit’ in water or go bone dry). Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer according to package directions. Good gardeners will deadhead spent flowers to keep plants tidy and encourage more blooms. African daisy may take a bit of a summer vacation with reduced blooming until cooler fall weather returns. Enjoy them outdoors or indoors as cut flowers.