ABC’s of Cut Christmas Tree Care

Joy to the world, you found the perfect cut Christmas tree for your home! This once-a-year tradition is enjoyed by millions of people around the world each December.


Here are the simple ABC’s of keeping your cut tree fresher longer.

  • Once you’ve selected your tree, it should be baled & a fresh cut made at the point of purchase. Why a fresh cut? Sap forms over the original cut, blocking needed water uptake into the tree.
  • Make sure your tree stand is sturdy enough to support the tree and capable of holding adequate water. Not sure the stand is big enough to hold the base of the tree? Bring it with you to remove any doubt.
  • As soon as you get it home, place the tree in a bucket of warm water & keep it in a sheltered location until you are ready to bring the tree inside. Always keep the bucket filled with water.
  • When it’s time to bring the tree inside, make a fresh cut (if possible) and place the tree in stand.
  • A word to the wise – avoid fireplaces or forced air ducts that will suck needed moisture out of the tree.
  • Most important – keep water in the tree stand reservoir AT ALL TIMES! A dry tree is a dangerous tree inside the home. Check water level in stand daily; replenish as needed.


Recycling after the Holidays

Your cut Christmas tree has another life. Cut the branches from your tree and use it as living mulch in bulb and perennial borders after the ground freezes. Along coastal areas, trees are used to reduce beach erosion.